Quang Minh Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company has its predecessor, Thanh Xuan Company, which is An Duong Ha Noi An Duong Enterprise. An Duong Ha Noi An Duong Enterprise is a state-owned enterprise under the Department of Labor and Employment. Ha Noi Invalids and Social Affairs in accordance with Decision No. 8353 / QD-UB dated 23/12/2005 by the People's Committee of Hanoi. After being renamed, Thanh Xuan Company has the following main tasks: Rubber, plastics, wood, furniture, rubber, crude lead, zinc oxide, kaliclorat; Exporting items manufactured and imported by the Company for materials and equipment serving the needs of the Company and the market; Joint ventures linking with domestic and foreign units and individuals: opening shops for products manufactured by the Company, products made by joint ventures and acting as agents for consumption of products for units. demand. Thanh Xuan Company was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a joint stock company called Printing and Trading Service Joint Stock Company under the Decision No. 8353 / QD-UB dated 23/12/2005 of the People's Committee. Hanoi City and is now renamed Thanh Xuan Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company.

Hotline : (84-4) 668.00.886

No. 35 Le Van Thiem Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

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